What is an orangery?

Orangeries were initially devised around four hundred years ago as a place to protect rare citrus fruits from cold winter frosts. Found only in the grandest of estates, they became hugely popular amongst the upper class, not just as a place to grow rare plants, but also as a symbol of their wealth.

Nowadays, citrus fruits are no longer considered to be quite the luxury they once were, though orangeries have still maintained that prestigious status.

Modern orangeries are a combination of traditional style with contemporary design, offering the perfect compromise between a conventional conservatory and a solid extension. They feature a lower proportion of glazing in the walls than a conservatory, making the room better insulated.

Most have a solid flat roof, inset by a smaller glass lantern roof. This allows light to flood the room, whilst keeping the room well insulated.

Whereas conventional conservatories are often too cold in the winter and stuffy during the summer months, the greater insulating properties ensures a constant temperature throughout the year, providing a beautiful/stunning space you can enjoy all year round.

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